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Förslaget inkom 2005-04-20

Internship for drawing up a dissemination plan

The Interreg IIIB Northern Periphery Programme söker praktikant för 3 månaders uppdrag. Praktikplatsen kan med fördel kombineras med genomförande av examensarbete eller uppastsskrivande. Välkommen att ta kontakt för vidare diskussion.

The Interreg IIIB Northern Periphery Programme is looking for an intern
The Northern Periphery Programme is one of thirteen Interreg IIB programmes aimed at encouraging and supporting transnational co-operation between the regions of Europe. It provides the opportunity for organisations from the programme area to work together on joint projects concerning common issues and problems.

The Northern Periphery Programme area shares many common features in terms of climate, sparsity of population, natural environment, complicated topography, culture and history. The overall aim of the programme is to encourage joint projects that address the priorities for co-operation shared by the participating countries. Through the exchange of knowledge and experience it is anticipated that some of the barriers to a more balanced development of the area can be overcome.

The programme status
The Northern Periphery Programme has been very successful in implementing the Interreg IIIB programme and 90 % of all funding has now been allocated to projects. This year the focus for the Joint Programme Secretariat will be to ensure the quality of the projects funded by the programme. A new challenge that is now arising is how to best disseminate the project results throughout the programme area and to the rest of Europe.

The Intern¿s main tasks
In order to successfully disseminate information regarding the Northern Periphery Programme, a plan needs to be created. The resources for programme dissemination are limited and it is important for the Northern Periphery Programme that this plan is well developed and cost efficient throughout. The Northern Periphery Programme has therefore decided to use an intern for 3 months during 2005. They will be responsible for formulating a proposal on how to allocate resources for the future task of disseminating information on the Interreg IIIB Northern Periphery Programme. In co-operation with existing bodies in the NP-Programme, the successful intern will:
- Identify all possible stakeholders in the NPP.
- Define in what ways the different stakeholders would like dissemination of the NPP to be carried out, so that it meets their objectives.
- Create a plan of how to disseminate the NPP by listing; all activities that need to be carried out, all promotional material that needs to be created, all seminars that need to be held, all suitable venues for project dissemination. They should also make a plan of how project knowledge will be available after the projects and the NP programme has ended, as well as define other tasks that are essential for ensuring that the knowledge and results built up during the current programming are not lost. An estimated budget for all activities should be attached to the plan.
- Outline a future media strategy for the Northern Periphery Programme. This will involve making a media plan for the Northern Periphery Programme and its various bodies, and stating how contact with the media should be made.

What are the main objectives and what results do we expect?
By using this internship system, the purpose is to create a document or master plan of how the Northern Periphery Programme should allocate its resources in the most cost efficient way, in order to create as much added value to the programme area and the rest of Europe as possible.
The Northern Periphery Programme has, in many aspects, been viewed as an example of best practise concerning Interreg programme management within Europe. The goal of the dissemination plan is to set the standard for how a well-balanced dissemination activity c


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