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Förslaget inkom 2004-10-22

Adsorption of sugar based surfactants on polymer latex

To be carried out at YKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry, Stockholm.

Adsorption on hydrophobic surfaces is relevant for applications primarily within cleaning/dispersion. In the cleaning area consumer products is a major application area, and for this type of products particularly mild, but efficient, surfactants with favorable environmental properties are required. One such class of surfactants are sugar-based surfactants, currently used to some extent in soaps and shampoos. In the project, a type of sugar based surfactants called alkyl polyglucosides will be used. These surfactants have a hydrophobic part consisting of a hydrocarbon chain and a hydrophilic part consisting of one or more glucose units and they can be produced entirely from renewable sources. This project has primarily a scientific interest, since the adsorption of these surfactants on hydrophobic surfaces has been studied to a very limited extent. The adsorption properties at the air/liquid and hydrophilic solid/liquid interfaces have however been investigated relatively thoroughly.

Project description
The diploma work will be carried out in collaboration with a PhD-project involving adsorption of sugar based surfactants and is suitable for a person with interest in research and deepening his/her knowledge in surface chemistry. The laboratory part will mainly consist of indirect adsorption measurements using tensiometry on alkyl polyglucosides adsorbing on dispersed PS/PMMA-latex. From tensiometry, the surface tension is obtained, and the adsorbed amount is calculated by correlating the measured surface tension in the latex system with the corresponding surface tension in a pure surfactant/water system. The adsorption will be studied with respect to the size of the hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts of the surfactant. In a later stage of the project, adsorption on latex is compared with adsorption on polymer coated silica slides measured by in situ ellipsometry. The results will be compared with adsorption of other non-ionic surfactants on hydrophobic surfaces as well as the adsorption of these surfactants on hydrophilic surfaces. Besides the adsorption measurements, production and characterization of the latex will be a part of the diploma work.

Practical information
20 weeks/20 points: Start: Autumn 2004. The successful candidate should be studying chemistry/chemical engineering or similar at the university level.

Contact persons:
Maria Matsson, YKI Tel: 08-5010 6063 [email protected]
Professor Bengt Kronberg, YKI Tel: 08-5010 6057 [email protected]

YKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry (official name: YKI, Ytkemiska Institutet AB) is an internationally leading industrial research institute with deep knowledge in applied surface and colloid chemistry. YKI serves many industrial branches including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, industrial chemicals, household products, engineering, pulp and paper, coatings, ceramics, concrete, adhesives, paint, ink and printing. YKI has 20 PhD students and is each year host to ca. ten diploma workers. YKI is located in a research-intensive area on the campus of the technical university (KTH) in Stockholm, close to several other research institutes, Stockholm University and the medical university Karolinska Institutet.


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