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Förslaget inkom 2004-10-04

Master of Science Thesis Work - Automated Test Systems

QRtech has in a number of customer projects developed and refined an automated test system concept for automotive computerized control applications. For example complex units in the Volvo S40/V50 series and the SAAB 9-3 series have been tested with this concept. Today¿s automotive control systems typically are very complex with up to 50 computerized control units connected in several networks. The most complex control units in a vehicle might have 200 inputs/outputs that requires testing of I/O as well as the network interfaces. Therefore automated testing during the development is extremely important. Large automotive suppliers are now using the QRtech concept in a number of projects.

The QRtech test concept makes it possible to get fully automated tests. This means that the test specifications are the input and that a test report is the output. The tests concept is oriented towards development testing in contradiction towards production testing which has completely different requirements.

QRtech now wants to take a step further to cover other more specialized types of input/output configurations and to make re use of test implementations more easy. Therefore a Master of Science Diploma work will be carried out to assist in this process. For example the following will be parts of the work:
¿development of intelligent microcontroller based test units with CAN bus interfaces
¿development of test scripts for Canalyzer
¿development of PC-MMI for testing
¿testing of automotive ECUs under development

The required skill and interest covers PC-programming, machine oriented programming of embedded control systems based on single chip computers and electronics. Two Master of Science Diploma workers are needed for this work and their skill and interest might overlap or complement. The work is to be started in the end of August 2004 and be finished at the end of 2004.

Please send your application together with a description of yourself and your marks as soon as possible [email protected]


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