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Förslaget inkom 2004-08-31

Low-resistivity contacts of carbon nanotube (CNT)/transition metals for CNT-based nanoelectronics

Introduction: Carbon nanotubes have great potential as building blocks in nanoelectronics. The formation of low-resistivity contacts of CNT/metal is crucial for the investigation of electronic transport in CNT-based device.
Problems: How to assembly CNT to the microelectrodes in an efficient way is challengeable and the physical and electronic properties of the contacts of CNT/metal are not clear.
Solution: We have developed a method to fabricate robust contacts of CNT/metal based on photolithography and lift-off. By various methods, e.g., electrical transport measurement, we can investigate how contact affects the transport of the device.
Project: Various studies are needed to characterize the electronic transport of CNT contacted to different transition metals. Therefore sample preparation and basic electronic characterization have to be made as follows:
- Site-selective placement of CNT onto microelectrodes of different transition metals using ac-dielectrophoresis, including CNT rope and individual single-walled CNT.
- Post-treatment of samples for the formation of low-resistivity contact of CNT/metals
- Electrical characterization of the CNT-based devices
Where and how: You will be employed as an Ex-jobb student in the group of Device Technology (EKT), IMIT at KTH/Electrum in Kista. The work is mainly experimentally oriented and will provide a good experience in electronics of carbon nanotube. You will work on the carbon nanotube alignment relative to microstructure on Si wafer and electrical measurement. You also will intensively use atomic force microscopy to characterize the fabricated CNT devices.

The work will proceed in close contact with the Department of Experimental Physics, Chalmers Uni. Of Technology for CNT production and Ångström Lab, Uppsala Uni. for characterization of the nanostructure of contacts with the help of high resolution transmission electron microscopy.

When: Begin in 2004-06-01

Person to contact: Zhi-Bin Zhang (Tel: 08 7904346, email: [email protected], available before April. 25th and after May. 21st)
Shi-Li Zhang (Tel: 08 7904345, email: [email protected], only available during April. 26th ― May. 21st)


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