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Förslaget inkom 2004-02-02

Validation of experimental electron density measurements in fusion plasmas using laser techniques (interferometry and photon-electron scattering)

Experimental electron density measurements in fusion plasmas

A thermonuclear fusion device in the reversed field pinch (RFP) configuration is operated at the Alfvén Laboratory, KTH, Stockholm (Sweden). The device, denominated EXTRAP T2R, is part of the international programme on fusion research sponsored by EURATOM. The EXTRAP T2R group has strong international collaborations with the other three RFPs experiments operating in the world: MST in Madison, Wisconsin (US), RFX in Padova (Italy) and TPE-RX in Tsukuba (Japan). The EXTRAP T2R group consists of approximately twenty persons including researchers, PhD students and technicians. One of the goals of the EXTRAP T2R research is the study of the plasma confinement properties.

The plasma confinement properties are characterised by the so-called energy confinement time that expresses the ratio between the plasma energy content and the input power. Estimates of the energy confinement time are based on the experimental measurement of several plasma quantities one of which is the plasma electron density profile.

The plasma electron density is measured in EXTRAP T2R using two different diagnostics: an interferometer, that provides the time evolution of the line integrated electron density along four different viewing chords, and a laser scattering system, that gives a relative measurement of the electron density on axis.

A project on experimental electron density measurements in EXTRAP T2R integrating the complementary data from the interferometer and the laser scattering system is available. The aim of the project is a comparison and validation of data from the two diagnostics. The project involves experimental activity on the interferometer and its operation, taking part in the experimental campaigns of EXTRAP T2R and data acquisition and analysis. For these reasons the project will be carried out at the Alfvén Laboratory.

A suitable candidate for this project would be a student with basic knowledge of plasma physics and interested in experimental physics. Knowledge of one (or more) of the following scientific software is desirable: IDL, MatLab, Mathematica, MathCad, Origin and Fortran.


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