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Förslaget inkom 2003-10-30

A new hydrophobisation agent

This Master's thesis project (exjobb) is to be carried out within YKI's Forest Products Section. YKI, Ytkemiska Institutet AB (Institute for Surface Chemistry) is an internationally leading research centre in applied surface and colloid chemistry. Knowledge about surface chemical phenomena e,g, cleaning, adhesion and surface modification is of importance for process and product development in different areas. YKI therefore works with most industrial sectors including chemical producers, engineering industries, forest products, plastics, paint, packaging, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries. Our industrial partners range from multinational companies to domestic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). YKI has 80 member companies worldwide. YKI is located in a research-intensive area on the campus of the technical university (KTH) in Stockholm, close to Stockholm University and the medical university Karolinska Institutet. See www.surfchem.kth.se for further information.

In a recent study it has been found that polystyrene can be used to hydrophobically modify silica and quartz surfaces. The recipe was to first preadsorb aqueous polyelectrolyte layers, DADMAC (cationic) and PSS (anionic). Three successive alternating layers of the cationic and anionic polymer were adsorbed first, followed by adsorption of polystyrene from a toluene solution. The project will investigate if the number of preadsorbed polyelectrolyte layers can be reduced and if toluene can be replaced with a more friendly solvent, e.g. MEK or ethylacetate. The next step, which is the main subject of the Master's thesis project, is to investigate whether the method can be adapted to cellulose surfaces. If polystyrene can be adsorbed to cellulose in the above manner it would provide a very interesting new route to the hydrophobisation of paper. Advantages compared with existing treatments are stability and low cost.

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