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Förslaget inkom 2003-02-20

Hybrid cellulose films and their applications in papermaking

This instrumentation includes ellipsometry for the in-situ study of adsorption, AFM for analysing surface topography and adhesion and friction forces between substrates, in combination with ESCA, ESEM and a variety of wetting techniques.

As regards the papermaking process, the hybrid cellulose films find application in enabling quantification of the adsorption and interactions with retention and dry strength polymers and nanoparticles, and the wetting, spreading and curing of internal sizing emulsions. The interaction of fibres with filler or coating pigment particles, surface sizing polymers and coating latexes, can be characterised using the cellulose films in combination with the cleaved mineral crystals or equivalent polymer films. In printing applications, these cellulose films, with or without adsorbed sizing polymer, can be used to study liquid ink drop wetting or solid toner particle interactions, with similar applications to interactions in deinking using films of ink or toner. Other application areas include tissue and hygiene products, for which the pre-adsorption of debonding or rewetting agents to the film can be used to quantify interactions across water in pulp drying, and the spreading of latex suspensions or bodily fluids in the chemical bonding of household absorbents or end-use of hygiene absorbents. In a similar vein, the effect of adsorbed or grafted compatibilising groups, or plasma treatment, on interactions between thermoplastics and pulp fibres in composite materials or extrusion coatings offers another application for the cellulose films.

The hybrid cellulose films thus provide the opportunity to quantify the affinity of papermaking, converting and printing components for the pulp surface. This information will be harnessed, in collaboration with industry, to increase the power to predict and improve final paper properties from knowledge of the fibre interactions.

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