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Förslaget inkom 2003-01-17

SCA Hygiene Products söker exjobbare inom HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)

Job description
Fluff machines for manufacturing of baby, feminine and incontinence products are operated via some form of operator interface, normally called HMI (Human Machine Interface).

An HMI is connected to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), with a few thousand input and output signals, that controls the machine.

· The basic function of an HMI is to set the different running modes, present alarms and adjust settings.

· The extended function of an HMI is to alter process/product recipes and to present process/production trends/statistics.

The technology level of our HMI-systems varies from simple text displays, to highly sophisticated computer systems. In the extreme case an HMI-system could be a client-server technology with several computers connected to a Local Area Network.

Analyze of the man-machine communication needs to make a recommendation of the optimum information exchange between man and machine. What data is relevant and what data that should be grouped together for the operation and configuration of the fluff machine? How shall alarms be presented in critical/emergency situations? Input and experiences should be available from work done in other process industries.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of graphical and character based interfaces together with different input devices like pushbuttons, keyboards, and touch-screens.

Make a price/performance comparison between HMI-solutions based on a standard operator panel (typically a Siemens OP), a locally dedicated PC-based operator interface without moving mechanical parts and a full-scale centralized client-server solution.

Analyze the communication between the HMI and the PLC to establish protocols and transmission speeds. Evaluate if storage of recipes can be moved from databases on servers to high-end PLC: s that has large fail-safe memories, without loosing consistency of data. Establish and describe an interface between PLC: s and databases for collection of statistics.

The thesis is expected to contain a literature and case study that is synthesized in a report. The thesis is most suitable for two to three persons. But, one single person can make selected parts.


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