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Förslaget inkom 2003-01-17

SCA Hygiene Products söker exjobbare inom PLC and motion control software development

PLC and motion control software development

Job description
The control software for one of our test rigs, that is used to verify new processes is today working, but could be improved on several items. The Simatic S7 PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and the Simovert Masterdrive motion control systems are from Siemens.

The PLC controls the main functions of the rig, such as: running modes, alarms, temperature control, etc. In order to simplify programming and trouble shooting it¿s beneficial to control the running modes of a machine in one place in the PLC-program. A good way to do so is with a ¿state machine¿. Transitions between states are normally generated via manual activation, automatic alarms or signal handshaking

Typical applications for the motion control system are to ensure stable un-winding and tensioning of webs, another is to generate electrical cam curves as a substitute for mechanical cam curves. Each driven process unit has its own servomotor and servo amplifier. A motion application is implemented by configuring settings in each servo amplifier

The Simatic S7 PLC communicates with the Simovert Masterdrive motion control unit via a bus (Profibus DP).

Objectives ¿ Thesis 1
Define and implement (in the PLC program) a suitable ¿state machine¿ together with necessary functions, such as alarm handling and ramp functions, for transitions between states to ensure excellent control of the test rig.

Define and implement (probably in the PLC program) a suitable error detection for the bus communication between the PLC and the motion control system to secure proper and safe action when errors occurs

Objectives ¿ Thesis 2
Optimize, implement and document controller parameters for each servo to ensure excellent motion control of the test rig.

Make a case study to find the dynamic boundaries of running cam curves with a high repetition rate, with several strokes per second. Optimize, implement and document one cam curve application in a motion control unit.

Both implementations shall be done with a modern graphical parameterization tool.


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