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Förslaget inkom 2002-12-17

Business Process Analysis and Strategic Positioning of a Business Support System in the Asian Telecom Wholesale Industry

Master Thesis Description

In the business-to-business relationship between telecom operators, buying and selling of voice traffic takes place. Telecom operators target segments of the market, as wholesalers, retailers or service providers. Ascade delivers an advanced telecom decision support system for telecom operators in the wholesale business.

The deregulation of the telecom market space has reshaped the industry as new market entrants have emerged. There is a significant difference in business processes between new market entrants and incumbent operators. The solution provided by Ascade is modularised and can be packaged based on the unique requirements of the customer. By analysing and recognising similarities in operators¿ business processes and decision support requirements, Ascade aim to create business specific packages of its software solution.

Up to today, Ascade has targeted the European market and has previously sponsored a Master Thesis covering an analysis of the business processes of incumbents and new entrants to the European wholesale market as well as a positioning strategy for Ascade on the European market. Recently focus for Ascade is being increased to include the Asia-Pacific region. The Master Thesis will therefore focus on analysing the business processes and support systems used by operators in the Asian wholesale market and on developing a positioning strategy for the Asian market. Furthermore, developing a market entry strategy and analysing new business opportunities for Ascade will be part of the Master Thesis.

Expected Deliverables

The report should include a market overview analysis of the Asian wholesale operator market as well as an analysis of future business opportunities for Ascade. Based on the business processes and decision support requirements of the Asian operators, a positioning strategy for Ascade¿s software solution on the Asian market should be developed. The positioning strategy should include a detailed analysis of similarities and differences in telecom operator wholesale operations. Furthermore, a mapping of the different identified wholesale business processes should be presented. Finally, a market entry strategy for Ascade on the Asian market should be included.


Due to the complexity of the telecom operator business, the thesis is suitable for two persons. The candidates should have a very good academic track record and theoretical background in analysis methodology. They should also have a strong interest in telecom technology as well as industrial organisation and management. Applicants are believed to have an academic background in industrial engineering, business studies or the equivalent.

Female applicants are encouraged. The analytical work will require close contact with carrier relation management predominantly in Asia. Thus, strong interpersonal skills and fluency in English is a requirement. Fluency in an Asian language and an interest in software development are also beneficial.

About Ascade

Ascade is an independent Swedish software company, founded in 1997, totally dedicated to developing solutions for the carrier wholesale industry. Ascade's Carrier Cockpit¿ solution enables carriers worldwide to cut costs and lift productivity by optimising and automating the management and operations of buying, routing, pricing and selling of international voice minutes.

During the last year the company has grown substantially and today Ascade has 39 co-workers. Ascade has sponsored a number of Master Theses in the past and considers thesis work to have two main objectives; to conduct highly relevant investigations and projects and to create a basis for recruitment.

Contact Information

The Sales Director of Ascade, will be the tutor for the Master Thesis. For more information, please contact Pedro Carmo e Silva at +46 8 616 73 10 or [email protected].


Please send applications (personal letter, CV, grades


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