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Förslaget inkom 2011-11-10

Thesis project: Improve and Secure the Supplier Capacity Process in Greater China (Shanghai, Chenzhen and Qingdao) IKEA of Sweden AB, Älmhult

IKEA of Sweden, or IoS, is responsible for developing the IKEA range and making it available to stores and customers all over the world. IoS is based in Älmhult – the heart of IKEA and the centre of IKEA range development. Expressed in terms of IKEAs three main processes, IoS leads the processes called “Creating the Home Furnishings Offer and Supplying”. IoS also takes part in the third main process, called Communicating & Selling, which is lead by our retail organization.

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Thesis project: Improve and Secure the Supplier Capacity Process in Greater China (Shanghai, Chenzhen and Qingdao)
IKEA of Sweden AB, Älmhult

IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult creates the global range and steers our global supply chain. Values like respect, honesty and simplicity in combination with different ways of thinking and willpower reflect our culture and let us grow strong together. IKEA of Sweden/Supply Chain is therefore looking for students.

The Purpose is to develop and establish a process to secure that figures in GPS (IKEA Global Purchasing System) are defined, registered and maintained to reflect Operational Supplier Capacity value. Further, to develop and establish a process to secure that we work proactively with balancing need and capacity by identifying and acting upon supplier capacity exceptions. The goal is to have the agreed customer availability to the lowest total cost.

The concept is now developed and we are currently piloting 100 of our biggest suppliers in IKEA. The next step will then be a Global roll-out (preliminary start 1 January 2012). To make sure that we really will establish a Common way of working with Operational Supplier Capacity Planning - we have decided to start the rollout by focusing on Greater China (Trading Offices in Qingdao, Shanghai, and Shenzhen). To make it even sharper, we have decided to focus on a few Categories (Metal, Textile, Wood and Lighting).

Therefore IKEA wants to:
• Map and analyze how we are working today (as-is) with supplier capacity planning.
• Implement (to-be) the common way of working with Operational Supplier Capacity Process (including product group/resource group setup, bottleneck analysis, capacity allocation etc).
• Evaluate and prove savings.
• Contribute to improve the Supplier Capacity Process.

We are looking for minimum three (3) groups of two students (Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering) who have a:
• Solid understanding of production planning and the production planning process
• Good knowledge in mathematical statistics and different simulation techniques (Extend)
• Solid base in Supply Chain Management, Production Economics and Microeconomics

It is important that you can communicate in English and that you are proficient in using MS Word/Excel, VISIO and Extend. You will be expected to work on this project in China (Qingdao, Shanghai or Shenzhen) as well as other parts of our global supply chain.

We offer you an assignment with high speed, in an international environment with endless challenges. At IKEA, everything is possible! Would you like to take on the challenge? You are welcome with your application (CV, Cover letter and Official transcript of records).

The focus project will start in January and ends in May 2012.

Application deadline: 2011-11-27.

If you have any questions regarding the thesis assignment, please contact Paul Björnsson at 0476- 811 70 or 0732-321 565.

For questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact our HR Service Centre at 0476-58 75 00.

We look forward to receive your application!


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