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Förslaget inkom 2008-01-08

Using Model or Data Driven design to improve automatic testing.


Using the latest research in Model or Data driven design, you will propose short and long term modifications to make the automatic tests even more stable and efficient. In this thesis you will work with a sophisticated commercial telecom system – a multiprocessor system based on the real-time operating system OSE. Your work will have a direct effect on the procuction environment.

More in detail, the thesis may include:
Getting acquainted with the Mobile network 3G test nodes, instruments and the automation framework (tools, procedures, and scripts) used for function testing.

Getting acquainted with methods for automated testing using Expect/Tcl on the CPP Expect Test Platform (CETP2).

Proposing, as a long-term solution, alternative test automation framework that will make it easier to design, faster to execute and easier to maintain the test case scripts, using different types of test design methods/techniques (e.g. data driven, model driven).

Proposing, as a short-term solution, modifications to the existing test automation framework (incl. CETP2) that will make automation more stable (more fault tolerant execution of long and/or repetitive suites of test cases).

This also includes:
Proposing modifications to CETP2 to enable structuring and execution of groups of automated test case scripts, longer test suites, using a common technique (e.g support for batch files)

Propose the necessary changes in the IS/IT environment to enable more efficient and stable execution of long test suites.

About the Company

Ericsson AB collaborates with Mälardalen University (www.mdh.se). This collaboration includes a lab for common research projects and thesis works. The purpose of the lab is to create an innovative environment where thesis workers from differnent cultures and disciplines can work together. Examples of such disciplines are performance engineering, security and management. The lab contains sophisticated telecom hardware and software, together with a software development environment.

The lab is supported by experts from Ericsson AB as well as Mälardalen University.

Mälardalen University also hosts the leading Swedish research group on real-time systems(www.mrtc.mdh.se). The group consists of 13 professors and more than 50 Ph.D. students and actively collaborate with industry such as Ericsson AB, ABB AB, Volvo CE AB, Volvo Cars AB, Scania AB.

At Ericsson AB, the Development Unit Connectivity Packet Platform (DU CPP) is responsible for development of the CPP platform as part of the Business Unit Access (BUAC). Our products are mainly used in solutions provided to Ericsson customers by BUAC internally (2G, 3G radio networks), BU System (Core networks) and BU Global Services.

At DU CPP, we take pride in having balanced competence for all our products, from idea to substitution and phase-out.
DU CPP is a global organization with major operations at design centres in: Croatia, Italy, USA, Russia, India and in Stockholm and Karlstad. About 1000 people work for DU CPP, about 500 of those in Sweden. Head of DU CPP is Lars Frank.
The CS (Control System) and UP (User Plane) I&V departments within DU CPP in Älvsjö are about 40 persons each and consists mainly of testers, trouble-shooters but also test coordinators. The products we handle are CS (incl. EMAS, CADE etc) and UP (IP, ATM, SS7) on CPP and we co-operate with other design centres like ETK (Croatia), ERI (Italy), TCS (India), EUS (Boulder), Tieto Enator (Karlstad) and MERI (Russia).

The thesis is performed for Ericsson AB in Älvsjö but will be, to a great extent, carried out at the MDH-Ericsson Lab in Västerås.

After the thesis you will be well prepared to apply for the Young Engineers Program at Ericsson AB and their affiliates. The thesis is highly industry relevant and is an excellent opportunity to get in contact with one of the largest R&D organizations.


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