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Förslaget inkom 2006-08-16

Evaluating the business models and commercial potential of a technology for trusted electronic service environments

The Enabling and Promoting Trust in Micro Service Environments (EPTMSE) project announces an opening for two master's students (examensarbete) at SICS in Kista (see relevant links at bottom).

The project abstract describes the EPTMSE project as follows: The purpose of the project Enabling and Promoting Trust in Micro Service Environments (EPTMSE) is to study, design, and implement methods and technology for ensuring a trustworthy experience between users and services in electronic micro service environments. Micro services are created and distributed by small to medium sized producers (sometimes even individual users can provide services) and which aim to complement a user's personal service sphere. The micro services environment forms the basic foundation of the users future service cloud, in which the electronic service is the basic unit and the individual user's needs are catered for by a plethora of such services instead of a few more traditional and monolithic applications. With a great number of possible producers and distribution channels for services in this scenario (e.g. wireless position based distribution) the ability for service consumers to employ the usual methods to ascertain a perceived level of trust (for example brand name recognition) decreases. Therefore, in micro service environments, the need for explicit systems that enable and promote trust increases. The EPTMSE project will build these trust systems and the project is a collaboration between SICS, Appear Networks, and TeliaSonera.

The master's student's task is to suggest and evaluate possible business opportunities/models within micro service environments. This should be done in cooperation with all project partners. The task is to explore and describe the business potential of the project's technology results. This will start with a market study to establish the current maturity of typical market actors (operators, service providers, users) in terms of trust usage. The next task is to conduct closed session interviews with our project partners to get their input and to present the preliminary results from the market study. The work will take place in cooperation with the technical members of the project group: 3 master's studens who are doing design and implementation work. We also have one PhD as technical expert and another PhD as project manager.

Requirements for this project include a business/marketing background, innovative thinking, and the ability to work proactively and in cooperation with fellow team mates.

SICS is a national research institute. Our non-profit organizatoin is focused on applied computer science with close ties to industry.

SICS will provide office space and technical equipment, if necessary, for the project term. No salary will be paid by SICS.

To apply for these openings, please send the relevant documents (CV, personal letter, etc) to [email protected] For inquiries please phone Fredrik Espinoza during office hours at 08-633 1515 or email at [email protected]


Project site: http://eptmse.no-ip.org
SICS: http://www.sics.se
Userware Lab: http://www.sics.se/use/
Dr. Fredrik Espinoza: http://www.sics.se/~espinoza/


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