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Förslaget inkom 2005-09-12

Implementation of Dependable Platform

QRtech has a long history within the field of automotive electronics and software. QRtech has in a number of projects developed Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to vehicles for more than 20 years. Today QRtech is a leading contract development supplier of ECUs and a development partner to number of vehicle manufacturers.

Fault tolerance, as a principle to achieve very dependable systems, is a rapidly increasing area of interest for the automotive industry. This depends on that a number of extremely safety critical systems will be introduced in cars in the next few years. QRtech is working with fault tolerant computer design for the automotive industry and is also taking part in a number of research projects within this field. The concept of an Open Dependable Electrical and Electronics Platform (ODEEP) has been proposed.

The work so far has resulted in:
¿ a generic fault tolerant hardware platform developed within the GAST project founded partially by VINNOVA and the automotive industry
¿ a development kit implemented in a master of thesis work at QRtech last year.

QRtech now wants to continue the work and design and implement operating software for ODEEP. The diploma work will contain:
¿ Design of a time triggered fault tolerant software architecture using GAST generic fault tolerant hardware and FlexRay communication
¿ Design and development of system layers, I/O drivers and communication drivers
¿ Design and development of a demonstration application

The required skill and interest covers PC-programming, machine oriented programming of embedded control systems based on single chip computers and electronics. Two Master of Science Diploma workers are needed for this work and their skill and interest might overlap or complement. The work is to be started in September 2005.

Please send your application together with a description of yourself and your marks as soon as possible to [email protected]


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