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Förslaget inkom 2008-07-16

Dynamic Load Control in 3G Cellular Networks

The use of mobile communication devices is exploding all over the world. Speech has been the dominant service up to now, but with mobile Internet just around the corner, a whole range of 3G (third generation) services will soon be fighting for the same air space. As operators roll out their 3G infrastructure it will be crucial to have mechanisms in place to control system load. With customers paying big money for their services, no operator can afford traffic jams that
leave everybody unhappy.
Problem Definition
In order to maintain quality of service in cellular networks, load control algorithms may be necessary, in particular if interference between cells is a limiting factor. The most basic algorithms place a static limit on the number of possible users in each cell in order to limit the interference between any two cells. However, there may be several interfering cells that together affect the service quality in the interfered cell. Hence, dynamic load control algorithms that take into account the current load situation become an attractive option whereby the load in one cell can be allowed to be greater than average if the load in its co-interfering cells is below average at that time.
It is clear that the potential for dynamic algorithms to increase system capacity will be dependent upon the traffic distribution in space and time, which in turn will vary with the intensity and mix of different communication services in a network. The aim of this Masters thesis is to understand the relationship between traffic
distribution, quality of service demands, and the potential gain from dynamic load control algorithms in a cellular network.
The study could include:
Characterization of cellular load variations and suggestions of suitable dynamic load control methods.
Theoretical analysis of the potential to exploit the load variations with dynamic load control.
Simulation based analysis of dynamic load control methods.
The study will be conducted with guidance and support from experienced
researchers on 3G radio resource handling and traffic theory.
Application: E-mail or mail, attach a list of courses with marks and a C.V.


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